Friday, 29 September 2017

Day 5

This morning after having a great sleep in a comfortable hotel room, we joined the brothers at the Marist learning centre for breakfast. We were very excited to see pancakes and Nutella (Brother Francis is a really good cook). Afterwards we were split into two groups - one taught some young children English and one painted doors and window frames of the building. 

Teaching the children English was a very interesting and eye opening experience. Most of the children we taught were new to English but are very fast learners. We helped teach basic English skills through using games and songs like head, shoulders, knees and toes, duck duck goose, what's the time Mr Wolf and drawing the alphabet. It was really rewarding to see the children learn the basic English skills and it was also a learning experience for us, as at first we were unsure how to teach our knowledge in a way the children could understand.

While painting the doors, we had the chance to talk to some teenagers at the centre. We were all impressed by their English skills and many of us are now more inspired to learn a second language. They were quite confident speaking to us so we had many conversations about school, family, sport, hobbies and more. In the afternoon we played games with the children and teens including bullrush and Khmer games they taught us. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and kind, and we all really enjoyed today.