Sunday, 1 October 2017

Day 7

Today we were leaving Palin so we packed our bags on the bus and went to the Marist Education Centre for our final breakfast, cooked by Brother Francis. After breakfast we played with the teenagers for the final time before very sadly having to say goodbye. Before leaving we thanked the brothers for their hospitality and they thanked use for our work. We left and drove to the block of land wher where the brothers are planning on building hostels, so that more rural children can go to school. There was already one building which was for the Brithers to stay in. We waved goodbye to the Brothers and went on our way to Siem Riep. After around 2 hours we arrived at The Lonely Tree Cafe for lunch. The cafe has a small store underneath, with items which had been made by people with disabilities. Additionally, the profits from the cafe went towards helping those who are disabled. After eating a delicious lunch we got back on the road and drove 3 hours to Siem Riep. We had dinner at our accommodation at Metta Karuna The Jesuit Reflection Centre. After dinner we went to the night markets for about an hour. The day ended with a debrief and reflection in the Chapel.