Thursday, 28 September 2017

Day 4

Today was our journey from Phnom Penh to Palin. We had an early start going to a Catholic Mass spoken in Khmer. It was really cool as we were able to see what we could recognise between the two different languages and the similarities during the mass. After this, we left for our 8 hour drive to Palin. I don't think one of us will ever complain about an 8 hour drive in Australia ever again. The roads were bumpy and uneven, no one kept to the lines and it was raining, however it all added to the experience and our driver Mr. Pov did an amazing job and got everyone to Palin safely. We stopped in Battambang for lunch, and had a looked in a really cute little shop with hand made Cambodia goods. After this we continued the rest of our trip. Everything we passed was extremely green, there were rice fields everywhere and we saw our first mountains in Cambodia, which were all so beautiful.  When we arrived at our accomodation in Palin, everyone was blown away to say the least. We each had our own double beds, a Western shower and toilet and there was even air conditioning. We were all blown away and felt extremely lucky for things which we usually take for granted. For dinner we went to the school which we're working at for the next few days. Brother Francais cooked us the most amazing meal, which we all over indulged in. It was so nice to meet the brothers and hear about the work they're doing in Cambodia, teaching the children. Tonight were all doing our first load of washing enjoying a nice cold shower then getting a huge sleep in our massive beds to be ready for tomorrow.

PS We still haven't managed to work out how to upload the photos yet !